Carters Game Plan

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It’s game day and Michael Vegas is watching TV with his stepdad. Nothing can distract them from the television screen, that is, until the doorbell rings. Michael goes to answer the door and is surprised to see the beautiful Carter Cruise at his door! Michael lets this sexy slut inside, but while he thinks she has come over to watch the game, Carter’s got a plan of her own! This horny whore reminds Michael of the magical summer she spent sucking and fucking his big cock! Carter’s come back for a second half, of riding Michael’s dick that is! Carter seduces Michael into fondling her perky boobs and licking her lusciously sweet pussy lips, right behind his stepfather’s back! These two lovers will need to be sneaky, since under this roof there’s one rule, no sex! While Michael knows the rules of the house, he simply can’t resist the tempting Carter and how her dripping wet pussy is craving his cock! Will Michael be able to follow Carter’s game plan and sneakily fuck this beautiful blonde’s brains out? Or will his stepfather throw off the game and turn around to see Carter Cruise naked with a hard cock deep inside her pussy?

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Naughty Office

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It’s 2017, who wears underwear anymore? So asks Carter Cruise after her boss Mr. Mason pulls her in for a little chat about her workplace dress. HR has received numerous complaints from Carter’s colleagues that her skirts are too short, she’s showing too much cleavage, and much much more. All Carter cares about is what her boss thinks, since she works directly for him. The poor bastard is so turned on by the horny blonde that he can’t disagree with her! Rather, he dives tongue first right into her wet pussy on the desk before she shows him what she really thinks of HR and sucks his dick like it is her job! Mr. Mason finishes the project by fucking his employee right and jizzing all over her face and in her mouth. See, working can be fun!

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Carter Cruise plays strip horse to get fucked

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Carter Cruise is in Miami and wants to play hoops, so she called us. This fiery chick tells us about her DJ gigs before she finally gets to ball. Her and Sean play a game of strip horse. Watch the two miss shots and get naked until she wins. She tells Sean to dip into the cold pool. He comes out and feeds her his cock to get warmed up. She gives a good blowjob before she starts getting fucked in the floor. She fucks in different positions until he cums all over her pretty face!

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Fucking Nerds

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Bambino has gone over to study with his college buddy Carter Cruise. Carter’s stepmom, Cory Chase, lets Bambino inside. Only this nerd isn’t wise enough to realize how horny this MILF is, especially since her tits are practically spilling out of her top when she opens the door! Bambino quickly goes up to Carter’s room ready to hit the books, only nerdy Carter is ready to take a study break… by sucking off Bambino’s big dick! Cory spies on her stepdaughter and makes sure that she uses all the slutty techniques that Ms. Chase taught her! Cory soon realizes that Carter has a lot left to learn so she quickly busts into the bedroom ready to teach these teens a lesson in fucking!

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A Very Intimate History

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Riley Reid has invited her best friend from college Carter Cruise to stay with her for the weekend. They intend of catch up, and they have a couple of days of fun planned. These two babes have always been very close, and nothing has changed. During some mutual fantasizing, they admit they would love to share a man. The next morning, when Carter catches Riley and her boyfriend having sex, Riley gives her the go-ahead to join in the fun. Best friends always share everything, right?

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My Boss Always Comes First

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Carter Cruise is fresh out of college and has landed a fantastic job as a personal assistant with a successful businessman. He has a strict morning routine which she helps him follow, and recently she’s been finding herself thinking about him in a more and more inappropriate way. He has been in a relationship with a lawyer, and they are always on and off. One morning she finds him looking pretty down after yet another argument. At last, Carter has the perfect opportunity to live out her fantasies and make her boss realize what he’s missing!

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Old Friends and New Experiences

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Carter Cruise has taken a trip to LA to visit an old friend from high school. Adriana Chechik has married a hot rich European guy who gives her everything she desires. Just as Carter is about to leave, Adriana brings her a last minute surprise, some beautiful red lingerie that matches her own. Once the two babes are both wearing the gorgeous outfits, Adriana confesses that she has always been attracted to Carter, and it’s not long before the two girls are becoming intimate. When Adriana’s husband walks in unexpectedly, Carter is a bit shocked, but her friend has always been taught to share…

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